My Services

I offer my clients 2 types of service:

(a) Verbal Advice Service

This is a two hour service at your home, which includes:

  • advice on what plants would suit your site
  • an estimate on the quantities of plants
  • spacings between plants and their heights
  • verbal advice on soil preparation and the importance of mulching
You are encouraged to take plenty of notes !!
This service is ideal for the 'do it yourself' gardener.

(b) Garden Design Plan Service

The garden design plan service includes:

  • a consultation [approximately 1.5-2 hours] at your home to discuss your requirements and look at your site. Photographs are taken of your site.
  • Once this consultation has taken place, a design is created and a scale plan is prepared.
  • This scale plan has a comprehensive list of all required plants with spacings.
  • A return visit will be arranged to deliver the scale plan to you, together with a report which sets out for you information regarding:
    • the design
    • incorporating soil preparation
    • grass selections
    • maintenance to particular plants within the design
    • fertilising, and more.

This service is also designed for the 'do it yourself' gardener who is able to follow the plan and prepare the garden, or, alternatively, the scale plan can be handed to a landscape contractor who can provide a quote to complete the work.

For an additional fee, we can organise plant supply or source quotes for the construction of your garden.
We can organise everything you need to begin creating your own piece of paradise !!!

Call now on (07) 3899 9450 to make a booking.


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